Spring Time Blooms Peeking Through
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Meet Our Makers

SIP seriously imbibed products at The Christmas Goose Boutique!

Meet the Maker: Julia SIP – Seriously Imbibed Products – is a unique organic cotton textile company owned and designed by California artist Julia Minasian. Julia's Wine Country Lifestyle inspired designs have met with resounding enthusiasm in wineries and boutique shops all across the USA. She has had over twenty years of experience as a designer with 100's of designs selling worldwide. Why 'seriously imbibed products'? I love the word 'seriously'! At SIP it means ‘no kidding and with passion'! 'Imbibed' means assimilate, absorb, consume... (to absorb or take in as if by drinking. "The whole body ... imbibes delight through every pore" - Henry David Thoreau) SIP is...

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Bossani at The Christmas Goose Boutique!

Meet the Maker: Maryam Hi, I’m a mom, a wife, a local designer, maker, and a university teacher in sustainable design. My passion for creating and art started when I was a little girl, making silly dresses for my doll and occasionally for our dog. I loved watching my mom sew beautiful things as she was my early source of inspiration. Life could get frenzied, but designing has always put a bounce in my heart. It’s my ultimate passion to create products that are fun, functional and produce minimal waste. My inspirations stem from beautiful colors in nature and I try...

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Carter Court Candles at The Christmas Goose Boutique!

Meet the Maker: Kim! I received a candle from my brother a few years ago that had a beautiful fragrance. When the last flame flickered out, I tried to reorder but it was discontinued. Thinking I could simply make my own, as we “makers” are quick to think, I began a simple search to create one candle. That simple search has led to many cases of wax, pounds of oil, and loads of candles as gifts to friends and family. And, it opened the door to a whole new world of creativity, for a candle is more than just a...

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Bunny Hutch Designs at The Christmas Goose Boutique!

Meet the Maker: Denise! I have always loved being creative and have done lots of crafty things – stained glass, sewing, needlework, painting.  One day I saw Donna Dewberry painting on PBS and decided I wanted to learn how to paint like that, so I bought her instruction tape.  After lots of practice, I began painting things and giving them as gifts.  People kept asking me when I was going to sell my creations, so I signed up to sell at a local arts and crafts show and I was hooked. I discovered Etsy and decided to open a shop. ...

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Updates Jewelry at The Christmas Goose Boutique!

Meet the Maker: Linda! Immediately after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from San Jose State University, Linda began her career in color and design. In 1984, she opened her own Interior Design Center and three weeks later completed her first six model home contracts. In this development she selected furniture, fabrics, window coverings and art. During the next 3 years many of her design contacts expressed an interest in jewelry. In 1987, a separate division of her company (Updates) when her long- time friend and fellow designer became her business partner. For the next 33 years, colors, textures and patterns not...

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