All The Way Handmade at the Christmas Goose Boutique!

Handmade soaps, body butters, and bath salts (and more!) inspired by seasons, worlds created by thousands of years of mythology, lore, literature, and entertainment emerged All The Way Handmade - a workshop aimed at integrating these worlds and stories into the most mundane elements of reality. This was the first and exciting vision of All The Way Handmade LLC.


Every bar of soap is handmade in small batches- concept, recipe, coloring, designs, accents, packaging, and naming!

    The Long Story Long

    I've always been obsessed with things that smell good - the outdoors, food, perfumes, and most importantly, candles and soaps. The last two are simple little luxuries that I could afford on a daily basis and had a wide range available, so they very quickly became one of my daily rituals. Picking a soap (or shower gel as it were sometimes) was an important part of my day. Over time, I realized how much I enjoyed picking out what I would smell like for the day. Whenever there was a scented puff of steam that followed me out of the bathroom after a shower or bath, I knew I was prepared for whatever was next (a hard day or an easy night). I used those fragrances to mentally prepare for my day ahead or leave one behind, with the occasional pampering 'because I'm not doing anything else today' afternoon bath time retreats.

    As my skin and I got a little older, I started noticing that particular ingredients really weren't doing as good of a job as I used to think they did. My skin became dry and thin, itchy and splotchy, despite not being a heavy makeup wearer. This was particularly odd because my skin was quite pleasant even during my teenage years so I knew it had to be the products I was using. This lead to a major change in my bathroom cabinetry stock over the course of about a year. I moved away from individual cardboard boxed 12-pack soaps and anything with too many salts or chemical names and numbers listed in the ingredients.

    An hour long stop at a tiny handmade soap stall in a huge local late summer faire finally convinced me that handmade was a potential solution- simple ingredients, amazing scents, and personalized touch with the soap maker right there! I bought eight bars of soap on the spot. I'm a faire and festival junkie so I felt I had seen it all before with the shops filled with neon colored translucent soaps with plastic-looking objects inside, and not-so-informative ingredients lists. This particular shop owner's were distinctly different in all of the right ways - later I found out this was due to the soap making method, and most importantly the ingredients, she used.

    Then I tried the first of those eight bars of handmade soap and I knew that was the change I was looking for in my routine. It was silky, soft, lathered well, and smelled better than anything I had used before. Integrating more nourishing and simpler soaps into my daily shower ritual actually made me feel clean without being artificially "squeaky" or "tight" clean. My skin was moisturized, cleansed, and fresh - I got my glow back! And the kicker? I still got my scented steam cloud that exploded out of the bathroom upon opening the door.

    Then comes a few years of figuring out which hobbies I wanted in my life. I constantly watched YouTube videos of various crafts and the like, but soap making was one that I knew that I personally enjoyed every aspect of before I had even tried it. Combined with a stagnant worklife, I decided to start All The Way Handmade to excite me as a creator, nerd, marketer, and a little bit of an activist.


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