Carter Court Candles at The Christmas Goose Boutique!

Meet the Maker: Kim!

I received a candle from my brother a few years ago that had a beautiful fragrance. When the last flame flickered out, I tried to reorder but it was discontinued. Thinking I could simply make my own, as we “makers” are quick to think, I began a simple search to create one candle. That simple search has led to many cases of wax, pounds of oil, and loads of candles as gifts to friends and family. And, it opened the door to a whole new world of creativity, for a candle is more than just a container of wax and a flame. The right scent can be powerful. It can calm, energize, and captivate. It can set a scene, spark a memory and create a mood.

With a keen sense of smell, quality fragrance is important to me. I have experimented with hundreds of fragrance and essential oils, almost a dozen different waxes and wicks, and various containers. It is important to me that I present a product with high quality ingredients, and that I source my materials in the U.S.A. I also love the creamy look of the wax, and I prefer to enjoy a candle without the distraction of a label – including my own. This is why my candles are not dyed, and the labels are displayed on the bottom of the glass, or the tin lid.

As for the scent I set foot to recreate years ago? I’m still searching for the perfect blend, and when I find it, it will become my signature. Until then, I am enjoying a whole host of favorites that I have discovered and am excited to share.

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