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Meet the Maker: Jean!

I am a retired professional, but not retired from life. Knitting is something I have done for relaxation and artistic expression since I was 18 years old. That is until I found the art of crochet. About six months ago I watched a video showing how to crochet and thought, I can do that! It has been a love story ever since. After experimenting with baby items, slippers and other random articles of clothing, I decided one day to try a hat and then another and another and so on. After I made each hat I would wear it to various events. After selling 15 hats to people who expressed interest in buying them, I designed a card to hand out for convenience of spreading the word. At that time I had no way of selling the hats except by word of mouth. People kept asking if I had a web page or somewhere they could see my hats. Finally I decided to explore possibilities that would not eat up all my profits, because even though I love the craft, I did not want to end up paying people to buy. You see, after materials and time, there is very little profit in this endeavor. After nearly 60 years of enjoying my work experiences, I am now loving every minute.

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