Mosaics and More at The Christmas Goose Boutique!

Meet the Maker: Barbara!

Barbara Bussler of Mosaics and More

Barbara Bussler makes…. mosaics, and a lot more.

For a long time I had not consciously noticed that mosaic art was all around me growing up in Germany and frequently visiting Italy as a child. Only when I took a workshop in Half Moon Bay to make my first mosaic steppingstone I realized it and happily committed to this ancient but also very contemporary art form. This finally resulted in living my dream and becoming a full-time artist; I have been creating and selling my mosaics professionally since 2001 despite moving numerous times across continents.

In all of my work I am striving to mix materials to create something beautiful, unique, purposeful and with minimal waste. A strong believer of fully using our resources and not wasting anything I am working with recycled materials whenever possible. FabMo.Org is my fabulous source for most of those materials.

I have to confess though that I could never restrict my creative self to making only mosaics, so I call my business “Mosaics and More”. The works you will find with this name on it apart from a wide variety of mosaics (from small jewelry to big pumpkins) are fabric and felted pumpkins, knitted scarves and shawls and various fall and Christmas décor ranging from handmade to vintage or from my home country Germany.

 Most days of the week you can find me now in my studio at Art Bias in San Carlos, CA, planning the next project or cracking tiles. Make an appointment to visit and see what I am working on right now or check out my website and sign up for the occasional newsletter.

 I am very much looking forward to seeing you online this year; if we have met in person at the Goose before I would love to know!

 Barbara Bussler

View Barbara's Whole Collection Here


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