Paisley Plaid & Polka Dots at the Christmas Goose Boutique!

Paisley Plaid & Polka Dots

Meet the Maker: Sherri!

If you love what you do and enjoy doing it, it hardly seems like work. My first love is Interior Design and my hobby is sewing. "Sew", when I'm done designing interiors during the week, I shift my computer over and turn on my sewing machine. Paisley Plaid & Polka Dots was created in 2009 to provide others with what I thought was a perfect product for myself. When I open my suitcase, I want to see beauty and not a "Hot Mess" of dirty shoes, dirty clothes and jumbled up cords and miscellaneous items mashed together creating chaos. Instead, I want beautifully organized dirty shoes in a Shoe Bag, dirty clothes hidden in a Laundry Bag, phone chargers and earbuds in a Necessity Bag, and some extra cash tucked away in a Business Card Holder. 

I hope you enjoy shopping around the Goose site and I look forward to seeing you at "The Christmas Goose" in Los Gatos in November 2021.

View Sherri's Whole Collection Here

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