Totes by Clydesdale at The Christmas Goose Boutique!

Meet the Maker: Deborah!

Deborah Miller is the owner and creator at Totes By Clydesdale. I have been sewing tote bags since August 2015. It started with one bag for my daughter. I enjoyed sewing it, so I made more, and more; and it kept growing until I gave tote bags to everybody that holiday season. Then my tote bags were available for sale at a coffee shop in Cupertino that sold handmade items of various sorts (it has since changed ownership and doesn't sell crafts any more). My daughter suggested that I sew bottle/ gift bags, so I have added those. A friend likes aprons, so I have added aprons in sizes for adults and children. In 2019, I participated in over ten craft fairs.

Why Clydesdale? Well, it's easier to remember than my common name. I had a cat several years ago whose feet were VERY furry, so I started calling her Clydesdale, and I sometimes use that name when I write reviews. 

I learned to sew in the 7th grade in NYC. It was mandatory for girls back then. I made most of my dresses in high school and college, and I have also sewn curtains for my house. While my (now adult) kids were growing up, my sewing was pretty much limited to mending.

I use novelty prints (Hello Kitty, animals, wine, music, etc.), fabrics with sports team logos, holiday prints (including Halloween, Christmas, and Chanukah), and also decorator and upholstery fabrics. Many of my fabrics now come from FabMo, whose mission is to rescue designer materials for creative reuse. The aprons come in sizes for adults and children. I have over 100 tote bags, 50 bottle / gift bags, and many aprons in my inventory, so if there is a color or pattern you would like, please ask. I might have it already made, or I could do a custom order for you.

View Deborah's Whole Collection Here!

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