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Wired Rocks On

Meet the Maker: Gloria!


Never had a smidge of desire - years ago my younger sister passed and my brother in law brought me a box of rocks she had hounded from various places they had been. Hung onto that for years not knowing what to do but have as a remembrance then on the 10th anniversary of  her passing I decided to do something for the family and proceeded to make gifts for my mom and daughters and bam WiredRocksOn began. I work out of my husband's Harley Davidson aftermarket repair shop crafting my handmade rock jewelry. My jewelry is OoaK (one of a kind) as each piece is cut, polished and wrapped be me.

Mostly I like working with Opals, Ethiopian opals specifically as they have such fire and such a wide range of base colors. I also like to use different types of opals, pink, dendritic and I still have some of my original stone of choice, Tiffany stone.  

I make mostly pendants - I cut the stone from raw material, shape, polish, the wire wrap.  Most of the wire is use is .999 fine silver, 14K gold filed in white or yellow to accommodate those people who are sensitive to silver. I also have a  collection of 100% copper. Recently I added Titanium - the wire is dull in appearance.  On really rare occasion, with special request, use 14K pure gold.

I love to present the stone with what I truly believe it is saying, yes, the stones speak to me. I love letting the stone show off its natural beauty as Nature is so amazing.  

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