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8oz. Jellies *& Now Marmalades* - Assorted Flavors
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8oz. Jellies *& Now Marmalades* - Assorted Flavors

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 You asked for them - and here they are!

8oz Jelly Flavors available - Three New Flavors in January!:

Blackberry Jelly

Grape Jelly

Green Hot Pepper Jelly

Mint Jelly

Red Hot Pepper Jelly

Pomegranate Jelly

Quince Jelly


Lemon Marmalade *New February '21!*

Orange Marmalade *New February '21*


Looking for Jams? They're over here. 


Jam & Jelly - What's the Difference?

Jam contains large pieces of fruit (with seeds, but no pits). Jelly is a jam mixture that is strained to remove all solid chunks of fruit and seeds (it should be clear and sparkling). Marmalades are clear jellies in which pieces of fruit and rind are evenly suspended. Butter is a product that has been slow-cooked with spices until it reaches a thick consistency that spreads easily.


Storage Tips:

Keep Jam, Jelly, Butters, and Relishes in a cool, dark pantry until opened. This will preserve the color. Should last at least three years. The color will eventually darken. You may refrigerate after opening, but it is not necessary. Fudge may be frozen to extend its lifetime. No need to refrigerate after opening (probably won't last that long anyway!).


Safety & Health Note:

 We operate under a Processed Foods Registration from the California State FDA and our commercial kitchen, processes, and labels are routinely inspected and approved by the California Public Health FDA Department. Everything is prepped, produced, sealed, and labeled under state and federal food laws. Ask to see our PFR permit to operate (and stay away from any food company that does not have one). The biggest expenses we incur each year are keeping our dedicated cooking equipment and processes up to code, in addition to completing state-required food safety education. These expenses heavily drive the prices we have to charge.

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